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Issue 8

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21 × 29,7 cm, 304 pages, softcover

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The idea of a “visual magazine” with a focus on pictures is now well established. As one of the first publications in this genre, Vorn debuted in 2004 as a hybrid between a magazine and a book.


Vorn will now take this playful approach to visuality to the extreme. The eighth edition is completely free of text – no headlines, sublines, or articles. No bylines, no editorial, no imprint. The names of the contributors will only be published on the Vorn blog.


Nothing will distract from the pictures or seek to influence or manipulate the audience. There will be no text that explains or exaggerates. No name that impresses. Pictures alone will be the message, whether from a student or an established artist.


Viewers will create their own publication with their individual gaze. The result will be an entirely new, free approach to a magazine.






Editor / Creative Director: Joachim Baldauf


Production: Agnes Feckl


Print: Optimal Media GmbH


Distribution: Partner-Medienservices GmbH


Publisher: Printkultur GbR

Enhuberstrasse 6-8, D-80333 München



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